Through FASTER PROs, we strive to create an open space for communication and collaboration among tech professionals, which include Filipino and Asian Americans Employee Resource Groups (ERGS), independent tech professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, community meetup groups, and non-profit organizations. We hold quarterly meetup events for our PROS members.


We seek to cultivate and grow our FilipinX American tech community and encourage new and seasoned professionals to join.
We actively encourage our industry professionals to collaborate on existing youth service programs they are already working on, share best practices on their ERG or independent tech professional networks, and help better connect our community to each other as they search for new opportunities they look at the next step of their career. Whether it's co-founding or investing in their next company, hiring or promoting junior and senior staff, we help nurture a support space for professionals.
We inspire each other, recognize and learn from our other advisers, sponsors who are all accomplished FilipinX American tech pioneers that have paved the way for our existence in Silicon Valley and tech to continue rising in our community and industry.


We strive to create an open space for communication and collaboration among our members who self-identify as FilipinX Americans professionals already working in the industry who are either a member of Employee Resource Group (ERG) independent tech professionals, founders/entrepreneurs, investors, affinity meetup groups and non-profit organizations.


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